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Steam Cleaner Shampoos and Detergents

As you go through the reviews and various other pages on my website, you will notice that I talk a lot about the potential hazards when using chemicals for cleaning. However, they are sometimes a necessity. There’s no getting away from the fact that some of those stains you come across will not come off without a little help from a detergent or (for your carpets) shampoo.

real carpet cleanerWhat I will say is this. If you already have a steam or carpet cleaner and the manufacturer recommends you only use the cleaning products they make, ensure that you do. Lots of people take the attitude that this is just a marketing ploy so you spend more money with said manufacturer. Although there may be an element of truth to this, there could also be very valid reasons why.

For example, if you have a printer made by Hewlett Packard you probably wouldn’t use ink in it made by a lesser known brand, and why wouldn’t you do that? Because it will decrease the life of your printer, and in some cases could even cause it to break down. It’s no different with your steam or carpet cleaner.

All sorts of different ingredients are used in shampoos and detergents. If you do decide to buy something cheaper, you may cause a problem with internal parts to your machine so it’s best all round if you just listen to what the manufacturer tells you.

For Cleaners That Don’t Need Shampoo or Detergent

If you know anything about steam cleaners, you will know this: Lot’s of them don’t need any help in the “chemical” department because the steam they produce is enough to get rid of most ground in dirt or stains traditional mopping won’t do. However, we all love to have that fresh “just cleaned” smell when we’ve finished this household chore.

If you don’t have to use any detergent and want to scent the water you’re heating, it’s possible to add a little essential oil to the reservoir. However, and I cannot stress this enough. You MUST make sure your cleaner will not be adversely affected by doing this.

Another reason people buy non-chemical steam cleaners is because they’re eco-friendly and pose less of a risk to the health of pets and children in the home. If you really feel the need to add something extra to the water in order to give you peace of mind that stains and other ground in dirt will come off the floor, you can use a little vinegar but make sure it’s distilled vinegar.


I have come across a lot of complaints during my research stating that some models of carpet or floor cleaner have broken down after just a few uses, and when I delved deeper, a lot of the time this was due to using the wrong cleaning products with them. Just trust what the manufacturer tells you, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

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