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About Us

I would first like to start by telling you how this website came to be in front of you today. I own a cleaning business so I come across all sorts of “hurdles” every-day, and considering most (if not all) of my clients are commercial I’m sure you can imagine what sorts of things can happen, but that’s a story for another day.

What got me thinking is that I conduct a lot of research on the internet as well as attend the odd trade fair here and there so I’m always confident that I have the very best tools for the job “on my team”. Some-time ago I realized I dismiss a lot of the steam cleaners I come across because they’re just not industrial enough for the type of service I offer, and I have amassed a good deal of knowledge about these.

So, what better than to start a website for people just like you who are looking to make cleaning your home as easy, economical and environmentally friendly as possible? What you will find as you browse the pages of my little creation is what I hope is a solid cross section of reviews on various steam cleaners that deal with all sorts of cleaning jobs about the home. Of course, the majority of them will clean hard floors and carpets but I have added a few other steam cleaners that will surprise you with what they’re capable of.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together for you and that you finally come across the one cleaner that will make you look forward to your household cleaning chores! Enjoy.

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