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Cleaning Pad Considerations

If you know anything about steam cleaning, you will know the cleaning pads are just as important as the cleaner itself. After all (apart from the steam), this is what comes directly into contact with your hard floors, so making sure you use the right pad for the job is important. For this section I’m going to give you an idea of the sort of cleaning pads there are on the market, and what jobs they work best for.

Generally when you buy a steam cleaner, you will get at least one cleaning pad with it (if you’re lucky more than one). You should also get detailed instructions on what jobs they can do and how to look after them. However, that means buying a steam cleaner first! Which is why I’ve compiled the little list you see below.

Micro-Fiber Cleaning Pads

microfiber padsThese are the most popular pads you get with a steam cleaner. In fact, most of the models I have reviewed will include these in the price. The beauty of micro-fiber is its versatility. They are designed to be super absorbent and are usually what you will use when you’re cleaning a large surface area.

Because of the material used, they are also highly durable which means most of them can be washed many times over before they need to be replaced. However, do bear in mind that this will differ depending on the type of steam cleaner you have. Some are designed to deal with lightweight dirt, and others will handle the more heavy duty jobs.

Scrubbing Pads

scrubbing padsAlthough steam cleaners are very effective at lifting hard to remove stains on your floors, there may be times when you want to use an attachment that allows you to scrub while you clean. Again, most of these will have some form of micro-fiber included because of the reasons stated above. However, these give you a bit more in the way of “gusto” when you’re say, steam cleaning hard to reach places like corners, grout or window sills.

Dusting Pads

dust padsSome of the models of steam cleaner I have included (for instance the Shark Sonic Duo) come with pads that will help take the hassle out of vacuuming your hard floors first. Although you will have to vacuum the main surface, these little pads will help to get loose dust and dirt out of places that are hard to reach such as crevices, corners and the base of your kick boards.

Other Considerations

When you own a steam cleaner you will, at some point, need to replace the pads you have. I recommend that you always buy those that are made by the manufacturer of your cleaner. The main reason for this is size. There may be cheaper alternatives out there, but they might not fit the head you have, and that would just be a waste of money.

You should also make sure you take care of your cleaning pads properly to get the best out of them. This means washing them regularly and most importantly, letting them dry properly before you use them again. If you don’t do this it will just reduce their shelf life.

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