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Hoover MaxExtract 77 Review

Do You Need to Clean Hard Surfaces AND Carpets?
No Problem!

It may sound silly to a lot of you but I get a great sense of satisfaction out of cleaning. However, I’m with you when it comes to finding easier, quicker and more effective ways of getting great results. That’s possibly one of the many reasons I decided to set up this website. So you can learn all about the products I’ve taken the time to research.

Hoover Multi-Surface Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner

Hoover FH50240 MaxExtract 77
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Of course, I don’t buy all of them otherwise I would have more tools than I do cleaning jobs. But, the reviews you’ll find on my site have been carefully selected so you get a good balance of choice.

For this review, I’ve chosen the Hoover MaxExtract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner which has the model number FH50240.

I decided to add this surface cleaner because it eliminates the need to have one tool for cleaning carpets and another for hard surfaces. Think about what you’ve got in your cleaning cupboard at the moment? It’s likely you’ll at least have a bucket, a mop (or three) and an army of scrubbing brushes, not to mention the amount of cleaners you need.

This cleaner will do away with the need for all of these.

Main Features

As mentioned, you can use this floor cleaner for both your carpets and hard floors. It also comes in handy for a variety of soft furnishings (always do a test area first). The manufacturer has included a number of different modes which can be set using the slide action button.

  • A “Spill Pick-Up Mode” which will set your cleaner to suction only. Perfect for the odd spillage your kids, pets or clumsy guests leave behind.
  • A “Gentle Scrub Mode” which will rotate the brushes a little slower so you can deal with dirt and stains on your hard floors. Incidentally, this cleaner is great on linoleum, ceramic tiles and sealed hard wood.
  • A “Power Scrub Mode” which really gets to work! This offers the maximum amount of power and will easily deal with stains on your carpets or other areas of your home that often see muddy boots or paws wandering across them.

When using this cleaner on the power scrub mode, you benefit from what’s called the SpinScrub 77. This means you have no less than 77 brushes that rotate at every angle. Think about it as a way of giving your carpets a wonderful salon style shampoo with a massage thrown in for good measure.

Other Features

Hoover has used DualV nozzle technology which forces heat through the system while at the same time providing powerful suction so there is less drying time when you’ve cleaned your floors. You also benefit from a two tank system – one holds the solution and the other holds the dirty water.

If you happen to come across a particularly stubborn stain when you’re cleaning, you can simply switch on the clean surge with a flick of the finger. This will send extra solution to the problematic area.

Points to Consider

When you fill this floor cleaner with water, unlike other models it will require hot rather than cold. You should also bear in mind that this unit cleans when you push forward and sucks as you move back. The reason I mention this is because there have been complaints about excessive amounts of water being left behind and that the water doesn’t appear hot enough.


Personally I would opt for the slightly more expensive and robust F7452900PC All-Terrain Cleaner, but if you’re looking for an everyday solution for your carpets and floors to do away with floor mops, buckets, scrubbing brushes or even two separate electric tools, this floor cleaner is the answer.
If you take a look at Amazon, the manufacturer has included a detailed description for you and the price won’t make your heart skip a beat either!

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