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Tips for Cleaning Your Steam Mop

I’m afraid I have to start this section a little more seriously than I have for most of the other pages you will find on my website, but it has to be said. The information below is meant purely as a guide so you have some idea of how much maintenance a steam mop needs, which incidentally isn’t much.

If you have a steam mop already and there are detailed instructions on how you should keep it clean, please make sure you follow them. The manufacturer has included these for a reason, and I’m not about to disagree with them.

So, now the serious stuff is out of the way, I can get on and give you an idea of what you need to do when you’ve finished using your steam mop.
Oh, and before that I will say this only once – SWITCH the unit OFF or you could end up in a whole heap of trouble!

The Cleaning Pads

wash the padPretty much all steam mops come with cleaning pads that can be removed. However, before tackling this make sure your cleaner has cooled down. In fact, I wouldn’t tackle any of the tips here until the unit is totally cool.
When you’re ready, remove the pad and pop it in the washing machine. Most pads can be washed on a normal cycle using every-day detergent.

If you don’t think the pad warrants a wash in the machine, simply rinse it off in the sink. The most important thing here is that you make sure the pad is completely dry before placing it back on the head of your mop. If you don’t, moisture will turn into mildew and this not only damages the pad, it also doesn’t smell very nice.

The Reservoir

clean the tankAgain, moisture is involved here and you don’t want this turning into mold. Most steam mop tanks are made of plastic and can easily be removed from the unit. Make sure you empty it completely and dry it off with a clean cloth both inside and out. If you notice your cloth gets dirty part way through, swap it for a clean one.

The Whole Steam Mop

It’s a good idea to give your steam mop a thorough wipe across the whole surface just in case there is any moisture left behind. Again, you may need several cloths to do this. When you’re happy the reservoir and mop pads are properly dry, re-attach them ready for the next use. It’s also recommended you always store your mop in an upright position.


Most steam mops are not designed to work with detergents, so when you’re cleaning the unit it’s best not to use any cleaning products. Don’t be tempted to use bleach on your mop pads because this will weaken the fibers and they won’t last as long.

As said, there isn’t much maintenance involved, but if you follow the tips above you’re steam mop will thank you for it.

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