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Shark Sonic Duo Review

Versatile Cleaning for Your Hard Floors and Carpets

I was going to start this review by saying some of you may think it’s a little “sad” that I love cleaning, but then I thought the world would be a very boring place if we all had the same passion in life. What I do know is that even if you don’t love cleaning, you’re definitely looking for a way to make things easier especially when it comes to your hard floors, rugs and carpets.

Now don’t be throwing that vacuum cleaner away just yet. This tool is imperative around the home, and you won’t find a review on my website that will allow you to do without one. But, I think I might have found the answer to you doing away with those traditional mops that can become a cleaning job in themselves.

Shark Duo Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner

Shark Sonic Duo
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For this review, I’m going to tell you about the Shark Sonic Duo. You may come across the model number ZZ550 as well which refers to the same product.

Before you use this product on any of your floor surfaces, you will still need to vacuum first. Maybe one day a manufacturer will come up with something that does both vacuuming and cleaning at the same time, but I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon.

So, let’s get on with what you can expect from this floor cleaner.

Design and Ease of Use

I happen to think this floor cleaner looks really cool. It’s sleek, lightweight and the looped handle offers easy control. Plus, the head swivels making it easy to get into those hard to reach corners. It will even reach a little way under fridges, dishwashers and other places where there are small gaps.

What I really love is the headlights. Yes! I said headlights. This may seem a bit of a gimmick to some, but they really help you spot those stuck on stains your vacuum cleaner cannot get off. They also help when you’re dealing with areas under furniture where light can be an issue.

You also benefit from a bumper which helps prevent damage to your kickboards or furniture, and moving this floor cleaner around is something not unlike a “glide”.

Effective Cleaning Without Compromising Health

Shark has really gone one step further (if not at least three) with the solutions they offer with this floor cleaner.
Here’s what you get.

  • Concentrated hard floor and wood cleaner. This is a non-streak formula and you get 7 bottles worth of solution with the product.
  • Hard floor and wood floor polish. This ready to use floor polish will make sure your hard floors look glossy and it will also help to fill in those tiny scratches that seem to appear from nowhere.
  • Low moisture concentrated no rinse carpet cleaner. As with the concentrated hard floor and wood cleaner, you get 7 bottles of solution included, and it has been formulated to dry quickly without leaving behind a sticky residue.
  • A pretreated carpet stain and odor remover. This is especially useful if you have a difficult stain to remove.

The manufacturer has thoughtfully color-coded these solutions so you don’t get confused. Plus, the formulations are not potentially harmful to pets or children but they’re tough on dirt.

Other Features and Tools

I hate to do it, but I need to resort to bullet points again otherwise it would be hard for you to take in everything Shark has included with this floor cleaner.

  • 2 x Washable pads (which incidentally will last up to 20 washes). One can be used for scrubbing off dried on messes and the other hard to remove stains on your hard floors.
  • Carpet/Rug cleaning pad which has been designed to make your carpets smell fresh and look brighter.
  • Carpet Scrub and Stain pad which helps to wash away any discoloration and remove stains.
  • 2 x Reusable solution bottles which easily fit under your faucet, and include fill lines so it takes the guess work out of mixing a solution.
  • Electronic spray button which allows you to “spray as you go”.
  • Dual scrubbing action which uses sonic scrubbing technology and will give you up to 1,000 scrubs per minute.


Given the information above, it’s easy to think this floor cleaner is a Jack of all trades and master of none. In fact, it’s very effective in all the areas I have mentioned. Although I will say, you might find it more effective on your hard floors than carpets.


If you’re looking for a floor cleaner that’s easy to use, does away with having to deal with annoying traditional mops and won’t break the bank this product is worth a look. If you would like some more information, feel free to take a look at Amazon.

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