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Shark Navigator Elite MV3010 Review

Shocker! Vacuum and Clean Floors at the Same Time!

I have to say, I’m about to eat a bit of humble pie. In fact, I’m pretty red faced. Recently, I added a review on my website stating that you will never be able to do away with your vacuum cleaner because there isn’t a manufacturer that’s managed to combine both vacuuming and cleaning floors in one unit.

I have been proved wrong! Well, as far as hard floors go anyway. You will still need to hang on to your vacuum for your carpets if you have the product I’m about to tell you about, so you can’t do away with it completely just yet.

MV3010 Shark Navigator Elite Professional Vac / Steam Rotator

Shark Navigator Elite (MV3010)
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Let me put you out of your misery. Below, you will find a review on the Shark MV3010 Navigator Elite Professional Vac or Steam Rotator which I came across recently.

First Impressions

What first struck me about this cleaning “utensil” was the design, and this is where the expression “looks can be deceiving” comes into play. It’s incredibly slim-line with an attractive red filter at the bottom (more on that later), and I also discovered that it’s so lightweight it’s perfect for people who usually find it hard to get around.

This floor cleaner/vacuum comes with a swivel head that makes it easy to get to the edges of your base boards and hard to reach places like corners. The handle is ergonomic in design, making it a breeze to control.


As we all know, dust and other loose dirt such as soil or pet dander can be a real problem with hard floors. If your household is anything like mine I have to vacuum at least once every two days.
This floor cleaner has a HEPA filter built-in with a rotating action. This means that when you vacuum, the dust and allergens associated with it stay inside the unit. In fact, it will filter almost 100% of these making your floors look cleaner and your indoor environment far healthier. Less sneezing, and definitely less in the way of various allergy flare-ups!

Steam Cleaning

You get two multi-purpose steam pads with this floor cleaner which are completely reusable (if you wash them regularly). Switching over from the vacuum setting to steam couldn’t be easier and you can use the water from your tap.

Just a quick side note here: Some people have commented they have experienced streaking when using the steam clean option. There can be two reasons for this. One: You’re using this floor cleaner for the first or second time, and it’s still trying to get up the residue left by traditional cleaning methods. Two: Your tap water might be a little on the hard side. If you do get this problem, give the unit a chance and try using distilled water instead.

Small Issue

You do get an additional tool for brushing and getting into crevices that are hard to reach. However, the hose is advertised as being extra long. Many customers have found this not to be the case so if you want to get underneath furniture, this might be a slight issue.


What I love most about this floor cleaner is it will definitely cut down the amount of time you spend cleaning hard floors in your home. It will eliminate the need for you to get out your vacuum, complete that chore first and then reach for the bucket and mop.
The results as you will see on Amazon are very well received by many other people. The price might knock you off your chair as well.

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