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Steamfast SF-275 Steam Cleaner Review
Best Budget Multipurpose Cleaner

Pure Steam to Keep Your House Clean

When I talk to new clients, many of them are a little shocked that I mainly use steam when cleaning places that get clogged up with hard to remove dirt and grime. In fact, I have started taking a demonstration unit with me to these meetings so I can prove just how effective both from a cost and cleanliness point of view this type of cleaning is.

For the most part, potential clients are very surprised by the results however I do use industrial machines to get my point across (since it’s industrial dirt I deal with). But I also do a lot of research, and one of the reasons you see this little creation before you today is because I thought it fair to share my findings with those of you who are looking for a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of keeping various places about the home clean.

Steamfast Canister Steam Cleaner

Steamfast SF-275
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So, for this review you’re going to learn all about the Steamfast SF-275 Canister Steam Cleaner. This handy little cleaner isn’t something I could make use off in my line of work, but it may well be something you will find useful for all those jobs about the home that are being put off because it seems like too much elbow grease is needed.

What You Get for Your Money

I’m not going to tell you this steam cleaner will eliminate the need for you to ever reach for a scrubbing brush again, but it WILL easily deal with all those jobs that can take hours out of your day. Cleaning a BBQ grill for instance is something that many (me included) find to be a real chore.

Discolored and dirty grout is something else I come across a lot, and I’m not even going to tell you what type of bacteria and other potential health hazards can hide in this sort of dirt. Ground in dirt can also affect the edges of your windows and hard to reach corners. Your bathroom is also a constant source of worry with dirt because there are many places it can hide, and this is where the SF-275 can help.

Features and Handy Solutions

First, you get 1500 watts of power and a 50 ounce tank which will give you about 1 hour’s worth of continuous steam. You can use water straight from your tap and once the tank is filled it will heat up within minutes. This is not as fast as some of the other steam cleaners I reviewed, but sufficient if you take the time into account beforehand (plus you have a whole hour of continuous work, which is more than most other models).

You also get a steam on demand feature which means you can either give the area you’re working on a quick blast, or lock it so you get a continuous stream.

There are no less than 17 different attachments that come with this steam cleaner which makes it possible to go about “heavy” cleaning chores with ease. It will even help you reduce odors in upholstery and drapes. Plus, when you clean in this way, it will reduce the number of dust mites and bacteria that can cause allergy flare-ups or the odd “sniffle”.

You get all of this without the need to wear heavy duty gloves, use scrubbing brushes that just transfer the dirt to the bristles, and best of all no chemicals! The manufacturer has included castors for versatility and as part of the accessories you get a mop attachment complete with cloth cover to sanitize your floors.
The 12 foot power cord is a little on the short side though, so you might need an extension cord.


This steam cleaner ranked pretty highly when I was conducting my research, however there are a couple of things to consider:

  • You have to remember you’re only getting 1500 watts of power and this isn’t a pressure washer, it’s a steam cleaner.
  • Some people have commented that surfaces can be left a little on the damp side but the difference between drying up an area compared to scrubbing away for hours kind of negates this issue.
  • Finally, you have to bear in mind this steam cleaner will only work off a 120v power supply.

In Conclusion

Like I said, this steam cleaner will not give you industrial results, but it will certainly help remove potentially harmful bacteria, allergy inducing pathogens and reduce odors. I’m betting the price will surprise you as well (it did me)! Just take a sneaky peek at Amazon to see what I mean.

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