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Bissell Green Tea Steam Mop Review

Super Clean Floors without Using Chemicals

It’s hard to imagine you can get clean floors without the use of chemicals. After all, our heads are turned daily by the ads we see on television about the latest product that claims to remove even the most stubborn stains. But there is another way (and I speak from experience) – steam!

As you may have noticed, my website is all about steam mops and carpet cleaners. You’ll find lots of reviews just like this one with a good smattering of information about cleaning this way. One of the reasons I decided to set this site up is because I’m a firm believer that steam cleaning is truly one of the best ways to keep the floors in your home germ and stain free.

Bissell Green Tea Hard-Floor Steam Mop

Bissell Green Tea, 1867-7
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So, for this review you’re going to find out about the Bissell “Green Tea” Hard-Floor Cleaner (also known as model 1867-7).

You should first of all know this steam mop will not deal with carpets. It has been designed purely to clean all types of hard surface floors. It can be used on a variety of surfaces like sealed hard wood, ceramic tiles, vinyl and linoleum to name but a few.

What’s Different about the Way This Steam Mop Works?

Just like any other brand of steam mop, you fill the tank with water and switch it on.
However, with this model you only get steam on demand. This is done by using the handy button that’s placed just underneath the handle.

This gives you far more flexibility when you’re using the mop, and I happen to think it’s a great idea. Not every floor will have hard to remove messes all over it so when you do come across something that one of the kids has left behind, simply ask the mop for more steam.

Chemical Free Cleaning

This is something to really think about especially if you have people in your home who suffer from allergies, or you have small children that spend their time crawling about on the floor. Detergents contain all sorts of ingredients that can be a potential threat and even if you do rinse your floor, there will be residue left behind.

This steam mop doesn’t need any of that. It just uses a really hot blast of steam to get right into the crevices of your floors. It will also help to loosen and remove dirt as well as kill off many forms of bacteria that lurk on your floors, and all without the need for chemicals.

You’ll also use less water than if you were to stick with a traditional mop and bucket, and best of all you won’t have to wait for your floors to dry.

Other Features

While chemical free cleaning is something most steam mops offer, the following are a few points specific to the “Green Tea” steamer.

  • You get two microfiber mop pads which are machine washable (doing this often is recommended if you want them to last).
  • The mop head is capable of swiveling 360 degrees which means you can breeze around table legs, around your toilet and other hard to reach places.
  • This steam mop comes with a quick release power cord and is easy to store away. Just one point here, some have noted the cord isn’t as long as they would like but that’s a small price to pay for the level of cleanliness you get.
  • There is a filter included which stops various contaminants from hard water clogging your steam mop up, and there is an indicator to let you know when this needs replacing.


If you’re looking for an all natural but effective way of keeping the hard surfaces clean in your home, I think this steam mop is worth thinking about. If you want to know more, why not take a peek at the offers Amazon currently have? You’ll also find you get a 1 year limited warranty as well.

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