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HAAN AllPro HS-20R Steam Cleaner Review

Not Just a Clean Home but a Sanitized Home!

As you browse your way through the reviews I have on my website, you will come across an array of products that will help keep hard surfaces in your home free from germs and cleaners that will make your carpet look like new. In fact, I have done my best to make sure you not only get to read up on the tools I use in my own trade, but that you get a good cross section of appliances you can use in your home.

HAAN handheld Steam Cleaner

HAAN AllPro HS-20R
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However, while I was researching the other day I suddenly realized that pretty much all the steam cleaners I have included so far are not what you would call “portable”. Not everyone wants, needs or indeed can handle a vacuum type appliance for that extra deep clean in various places about the house, so for this review I’m going to let you in on the HAAN AllPro HS-20R Steam Cleaner.

What you will find in the following few words is a steam cleaner that’s not just handheld, but has the ability to do all those other messy jobs you hate to tackle. Believe me I know what it’s like to look at your oven or the grout you have between the tiles on your floors and walls, and it’s very easy to just think “I’ll keep that job for another day”.

What I will say is the HS-20R will actually make you want to tackle this sort of job. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up looking for things to steam clean! So, let’s get on with the good stuff:

Easy to Use

This steam cleaner weighs a mere 2.8lbs and comes with a power cord that’s a little under 15 feet long. This makes it easy to carry for those overhead jobs, and you won’t need to unplug and re-plug it in every time you move about a room (although an extension cord may still come in handy).

The manufacturer has included a handy sized reservoir that only needs to be filled with water. A trigger which can be utilized at the touch of a button will give you a 15 minute continuous jet of steam or you can set it so you only get bursts when you need it.

Areas You Can Use this Steam Cleaner

Honestly? If it’s hard to reach, gets really grimy and you have tried everything else this steam cleaner will do the job with ease. You can use it for countertops, hard to reach corners in any room of your home around places in your workshop or garage and it will even steam clean your upholstery, glass and mirrors.

Safe and Pollution Free Cleaning

When you have an HS-20R you can wave goodbye to all those harsh chemicals you use around the home for cleaning. Not only can these pose a potential health hazard by setting off allergies or causing illness due to ingestion, they are expensive as well. Imagine being able to take some water from your tap, heat it to 212 Fahrenheit and blast the dirt away!

Just like most steam cleaners you will be able to kill close to 100% (99.99% to be exact) of common household bacteria, germs and dust mites. When you use it on bedding, upholstery, sneakers or anything else that can create an odor, it will be a problem of the past. All you will be left with is a clean and sanitized area that smells fresh.


The number of attachments you get with this steam cleaner makes it one of the most versatile hand held cleaners I have come across. The manufacturer has kindly included 2 ultra microfiber pads as well as an array of attachments that will help you steam clean just about anywhere.

If you want to say goodbye to those rubber gloves, buckets full of dirty water and scrubbing brushes, why not take a look at Amazon. I personally think you get a lot for your money and you’ll also find a table telling you exactly what’s included in the box.

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